“Is there a father who gives stones to a child who begs for bread? Is there a father who gives a snake to a child who says” I want to eat fish “? There is no reason. ”–Matthew 7: 9-10 JCB

We are not always smart, so we cannot always know what is the right thing to ask for. However, in today’s passage of the Bible, it is promised that God will not give stones when we ask for bread, and we will not give serpents when we ask for fish. Sometimes we think we’re looking for bread, but we’re actually looking for snakes. In other words, God knows that fulfilling that wish is the worst thing for us, even if we think we are right.

We may unknowingly seek out something that is dangerous or potentially harmful to us. In such cases, we should be pleased that God does not dare to give. At that time, we are not sure, but when God says “YES” to our wrong request, it is like putting a snake in the house. That is why we should fully trust God and say this. “God, I can ask you for anything, but I don’t want anything that doesn’t fit your wishes. If you trust you and don’t get what I want, it’s not the right time. Or I understand that you have a better one and I’m just not asking for it yet. “Please be in a good mood just because you can’t get everything you want. Please do not damage it.

God’s wish is for us to be blessed. God wants not only to give us what we want, but to give us what is best for us. If you truly trust God, trust God when God says “NO” as much as when God says “YES” to our request.

God’s Word Today: Trust God when God says “YES” or “NO”.

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