Vivendo com contentamento e satisfação

Vivendo com contentamento e satisfação

In fact, piety with contentment (that contentment accompanied by a sense of inner sufficiency) is a great source of profit, -1 TIMOTHY 6: 6

The Bible says that godliness accompanied by contentment is a great and abundant gain. What I took away from this is that a godly person who is content is in the best place he possibly could be.

Joy does not come from having your situations in order and under control; comes from what is in your heart. For example, the world is full of people who have what they think they want, and yet are not happy. In fact, some of the most unhappy people in the world are those who seem to “have everything.”

Contentment is not about fame or recognition, how much money you have, your position at work, or your social circle. It has nothing to do with your level of education or if you were born with a privileged life. Contentment is an attitude of heart.

There is no one happier than a truly grateful person, a truly contented person. The contented word means “to be satisfied to the point of nothing disturbing you, no matter what is happening, but not satisfied to the point of never wanting any change.”

We all want to see things get better. But where you are right now does not have to bother you. You can choose to believe that God is working and things are changing, and you will see the result of that in a timely manner.

Life has to do with the choices we make … so choose contentment and fulfillment every day of your life. You will not go wrong when you do this.

Start praying

God, I want to be content and content where I am, right here, right now. Give me the strength to choose to be content every day.

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